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Isaiah Organic mattress is a green and healthy mattress.                                                                                         

Isaiah Organic Mobile Showroom

Isaiah Organic in Malaysia

Isaiah Organic was brought into Malaysia since early 2008, by Mr Clifford Oh, was has over

25  years’ experience in the production and retail business of furniture.


He established the first Isaiah Organic concept store in a prime location in Jalan Maarof,

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Subsequently, he has made Isaiah Organic a popular brand in

Malaysia because of the uniqueness compared to other conventional mattresses. It is a

mattress that incorporates the green concept and it is good for health, with materials and

fabric made from sustainable Eucalyptus trees, new age fiber, excellent Taiwan Bamboo

Charcoal and organic cotton.


The core of the mattress is made using Euro Eco Label standard materials, such as Eco

Memory Foam, Natural Latex and the most important of all, the patented handmade Rattan

Springs with Mother Nature’s best rattans.


However, we are continuosly improving, due to the ever-changing customer expectation

and our entrepreneurial insight of the market. We will keep on innovating and developing

products in the field of mattress. Isaiah is committed to bringing you natural, comfortable

and healthy sleep.

Isaiah Organic Mobile Showroom



In April 1970, the first Earth Day was initiated by Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hays who are American conscript fathers of Wisconsin. And from then on, modern environmental campaign started. Green revolution of protecting the earth and ecologic home started in more than one hundred countries and regional organizations in the worldwide area.

For a second, simple organic and natural lifestyle was popular again. Influenced by new trends of thought, the established brand of Isaiah which is named by Isaiah who is one of eight prophets of Christianity is because of the religious faith.

Isaiah combined European environmental healthy concept and 20-year professional mattress manufacturing technology, focusing in natural organic comfortable and healthy idea.

The style of their brand is unconventional and had developed a school of their own. Isaiah created the first green mattress in Asia and obtained product label certification of apotheosis of European ecology.

Even if in European, only few products have obtained this certification.

A great deal of high grade organic material, pure wool and natural emulsion are used to produce our handmade green organic mattress. These organism makes one kind of healthy environment to make people refreshed energy and rested fully.

These products combined excellent technology and high grade material. These natural organic sleep series of Isaiah would make you felt comfortable and healthy.

Now Isaiah has become bellwether of the field of green environmental sleep.

However, we are still developing. This because of a great deal of exploitation experience and entrepreneur’s acute insight into the market, we keeps developing and innovating in the field of mattress. Isaiah keeps making natural comfortable and healthy sleep.

Isaiah is your worth trust!


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Isaiah Organic mattress is a green and healthy mattress.

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